Frequently Asked Questions

  For whom are the workout programs meant?

If your primary goal is losing body fat, with my workout programs you will do so while maintaining your muscle mass. Gaining muscle mass and losing body fat simultaneously is not achievable without certain “supplements” (which I am personally against). The programs for muscle hypertrophy are basically set, but we correct the goal with diet and cardio in order to lose body fat while maintaining muscle mass.
My workout programs are for everyone regardless of gender or age. Whether you have years of experience with weight training or you are a complete beginner, you can implement the programs effectively. If you are completely inexperienced with weight training, I would recommend training with a personal trainer for a few hours, so they can show you the correct execution of the exercises and check if you do them correctly.

  Will I gain strength with these workout programs?

The primary goal is hypertrophy but if you follow the programs as written, you will feel progress in strength as well.

  Does the workout routine change every week?

The workout routine remains basically the same through a Mesocycle or a certain phase of the program. However, the scheme of progressivity (more volume and intensity) changes from Micro cycle to Micro cycle (sub-phase). The muscle adapts to a certain stress; through a micro cycle we “program” the muscles and adjust them to more stress. With adaptation (adaption to greater stress) the muscle grows. The programs consist of two Mesocycles and in the meantime they change to a certain extent.

  What kind of equipment is needed to successfully carry out the programs?

The programs are created for a workout in a fitness centre. Every averagely equipped gym will have the required equipment. If you do not have a certain type of equipment at your disposal or you cannot perform a certain exercise, contact me and we will find an alternative.

  Do I get a meal plan in addition to the workout programs?

With each workout program, you will get examples of meal plans, from 2000 kcal to 3900 kcal, so you can get an idea of what a diet plan should look like. You can of course adjust the amount of nutrients and macronutrients you consume as well.

  Do I get a cardio plan in addition to the workout programs?

Yes, with each workout program there is an example of a cardio plan that you can implement while performing the weight training.

  What if I can only train a few times a week; which is less than what is written in the program?

There will be nothing wrong if you need more time to go through a program, say 8-9 days instead of 6-7. A recommended training split is written in every workout program, which of course can be adjusted to your time or abilities.

  What is the length of a workout?

All workouts are basically done in 45-60 minutes. The goal is not to spend as much time in the gym as possible, but to do an effective workout in one hour or less while the concertation is at a high level.

  Mesocycle, micro cycle, pushes, pulls, complex exercises... what do these terms mean?

Mesocycles and micro cycles are in fact the phases and sub-phases of a program through which a program is divided. All instructions on how to start training are written in the workout program. In a push-up workout (upper part of the body) the exercises are performed by pushing the load, while in a pull-up workout we pull the load towards the body. Complex exercises are exercises where several joins and muscle groups work together (squats, deadlifts, push-ups).

  Can I repeat a certain workout program after completing it?

Yes, this option is available. In this case, I recommend that you still try to have a scheme of progressivity, as written in the program, meaning that you can increase the intensity compared to your previous implementation of the program.

  Why are the workout programs composed in this way?

I have tried numerous variations of training routines during my years of experience. The most effective method for gaining muscle mass is progressive overload, which is performed over a certain period of time (mesocycles, micro cycles) and thus “forcing” the muscle to a certain adaption – growth.
This can be a burden for the central nervous system (CNS), that is why we have deload phases in between. In this way our CNS recovers and does not “burn out”.
I have been successfully training myself (including my clients) in this way for many years.

Summerbody course
  What is included in the course?

In my Summerbody course you will get three hypertrophy programs (Green, Blue and Black), access to a video library, a manual of how to calculate your calorie intake, an Excel spreadsheet where you can keep track of your weekly calorie and macronutrients intake and my full support via email if you need it.

  I have already bought one of the programs but now I would like to upgrade it with the course or another program, do I pay the same price?

When you purchase any program, you will get a special discount code that you can use on your next purchase, so you can buy the course or any other program at a discounted price.

  Is there a membership fee or is it a one-time payment?

It is a one-time payment, once you buy it you will have a lifetime access.