My story

My fitness story started about fifteen years ago. I was a skinny teenager who felt weak and had no specific goals set in life. I dreamed of having a ripped, muscular, functional, and above all, healthy body, but that seemed so impossible to me at the time.

I read Men’s Health magazine, tried various training programmes and advices yet without results. I was training at home in the attic because I was too ashamed to join a gym. In my mind only ripped people were going there and I did not want anybody mocking me.

I bought a set of dumbbells and a weight bar with two plates and my father helped me assemble some other equipment. Shortly afterwards, I met a friend who had been training hard for some time and already had a nicely built body. His name was Peter. He offered to help me reach my goal and lent me a bench and other dumbbells. He also put together a training program for me. We soon became best friends. I worked under his direction at home in the attic because I was still too shy. Peter gave me some guidelines regarding my diet too and the first results started to show.

I soon realised I was the only one stopping me from becoming who I wanted to be. With his help I gained some confidence and finally joined a gym where we could train together. He said to me once “No matter what, never give up and strive fiercely towards your goal, only then will you achieve it!”.

Unfortunately, shortly after that we had a car accident and Peter died after five days in a coma. My life turned upside down and I was devasted. I stopped training and seek psychological help too. Good 6 months have passed when I suddenly saw Peter’s training program in the attic which he wrote for me and I still keep to this day. I remembered the promise I made to him and to myself. Something inside me clicked. I grabbed the dumbbells and started training again. Soon after I started going to the gym too.

Since then I haven’t given up and train regularly. I was motivated like never before. I threw myself into my new passion with all my heart and strength, tirelessly pursuing my goals and learning from my mistakes. I have learned a lot and I am still learning and helping other individuals to feel better about themselves and have a better physical form.

I mastered my craft and changed my life for the better. Not only I have achieved the body I was aiming for but now I am able to maintain that body 365 days in a year, without suffering, undereating or starving, because it became a lifestyle which I truly enjoy.

I can say for myself that I am healthy, functional and I enjoy everything, ice cream and guilty pleasure food included!

I tried competing in bodybuilding but I soon realised that it does not bring me such pleasure as fitness. For me fitness is more than showing up for 2-3 minutes on a stage; it is a way of life which does not have room for extreme fluctuations in weight or unhealthy “supplements”. Keeping a healthy body with a low percentage of body fat at all times, while enjoying training and a diet without starvation is my passion.

Let’s do this. YOU can do it!